Road to UIL

UIL week is here! We’ve come so far, but still have lots to do before our competition on Saturday, October 16. Here’s a rundown of what to expect.

Monday, Oct. 11: No school, no a.m. rehearsal

Tuesday, Oct. 12: No school, special rehearsal 8:30a-12:00p.

  • We will rehearse at Clark East Stadium (smaller field right next to the main stadium)
  • Loading Crew arrives at 7:30am to load front ensemble, sousaphones, podiums, speakers, etc.
  • Meet at the band hall starting at 8:00am to get your shako. We will walk over at 8:20am
  • What to wear: Red Clark band shirt, Black athletic shorts, MTX marching shoes, Shako
  • What to bring: Water bottle (please donโ€™t forget!!), instrument, sunscreen/sunglasses

Wednesday, Oct. 13: No a.m. rehearsal due to the PSAT being administered during school

Thursday, Oct. 14: Regular a.m. rehearsal and school

Friday, Oct. 15: Regular a.m. rehearsal and school

Saturday, Oct. 16: UIL DAY! The band performs at Kimbrough Stadium at 9:45 a.m., but here’s the detailed schedule:

  • 6:00a – Arrive at Clark High School, get shako/gloves
  • 6:15a – Concert arcs
  • 6:30a – Full show run-through
  • 6:45a – Change/load/breakfast
  • 7:00a – Instruments out for loading
  • 7:30a – Uniform/instrument inspection
  • 7:35a – Load buses
  • 7:40a – Travel to Kimbrough Stadium
  • 8:10a – Arrive at Kimbrough Stadium, unload
  • 8:45a – Staged to enter warm-up
  • 8:50a – Warm up
  • 9:20a – Leave warm-up
  • 9:45a – PERFORM
  • 10:30a – Watch McMillan, Shepton, Vines (time permitting)
  • 11:15a – Announcement of awards
  • 11:30a – Load
  • 12:15p – Depart for Clark High School
  • 12:40p – Arrive at Clark, unload, change
  • ~1:00p – Head to Main Event (3941 Central Expressway, Plano)
  • 1:15-4:00p – Fun and games at Main Event
  • 4:00p – Depart Main Event
  • 4:15p – Arrive at Clark High School